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    Air/water heating/cooling pump is part of the AQUA product line, which indicates the swimming pool and SPA heat pump. Swimming pool heat pump can be used for heating or cooling swimming pool, sPHFD-02640-R410Aioning, ground source heating and so on.) PRODUCT FEATURES: High Efficiency Adopt heat pump for heating and the energy comes from ambient air. So its COP can reach 5.5 Safety Water and electricity are completely separate.ECO friendly gas, no fire, no electricity leakage,safer than fuel burner or electrical heater. Environmentally Friendly Adopt R407C, R410-A, R22 as refrigerant, according to the requirments of EU Montreal Protocol. Corrosion Prevention The condenser uses titanium metal, its corrosion resistance is 4-5 times of ordinary copper tube, the corrosion ability of the unit is significantly improved, while the effective way to prevent fluoride leakage. So the medium of heat exchange can also contain seawater, mild industrial water, etc. Online after sales service If there is after sales problem comes to you, an alarm icon will occur on the main interface to remind you. You can press it for information, then solve the problem yourself according to the specification step by step. If you couldn’t, you can authorize us through the AQUA Network platform for help. After receiving the authorization, our professional engineers will serve you timely. Intelligent Defrosting By means of both mechanical and automatic control, defrosting can be operated in a shorter time to avoid severe attenuation of heating capatity in winter and not run when not necessary. Antifreezing Control The unit starts up automatic antifreezing control when shutdown (no power off), using of antifreezing heat exchanger, 10 freezing tests, no leakage. Various protective measures • Lack-phase and anti-phase protection • Self memory function when power off • Overpressure protection • Leakage refrigerant protection • Water protection for unit • Overcurrent protection • Temperature over protection Advanced control system • Displaying operating and trouble status. • Checking real-time operation parameters etc. • The cable length between controller and the unit can be up to 100m for lexible installation. • Keep balance running of compressor • Automatically adjusting capacity according to the change of water inlet the temperature. • Can achieve the perfect docking with BMS. Realizing remote control based on user requirement for easy management and maintenance. And can realize multi unit modular operation Compressor AQUA products and the world famous brand compressor manufacturers (COPELAND\MISUBISHI\DAIKIN\PANASONIC\SANYO\GMCC) have good cooperation, so as to ensure the high quality of the machine.
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    This specially designed swimming pool heal and chill pump is an air to water Heal Pump which extracts and magnifies low grade heat from air and delivers this upgraded combination to a swimming pool when it is operating in the heating mode. Similarly, when operating in the cooling mode, these Heat Pumps extract heat from the water in the swimming pool and deliver it to the air. Thus these Heat Pumps can be used for heating or cooling Swimming Pool water The designs of these Heat Pumps were done bearing in mind the climatic conditions in the Middle East and only the best components are used for its manufacture.
    • Fully equipped and pre-wired including a super sensitive and reversible flow switch, allowing water input from either direction. • Complete with a control thermostat, safety thermal cut out and integral contactor relay. • Very easy to install, requiring only final connection to a mandatory separate RCD. • Fitted with 1½” BSP female threaded adapters for easy connection to all pipework. • Supplied with hose tail adapters for connection to flexible pipework, and 1½” or 50 mm unions for connection to rigid pipework. • Control thermostat 0°C – 40°C with 1.5°C differential safety thermostat 55°C. • Flow tubes: BS 316L stainless steel (EVOLUTION) or pure titanium (EVOLUTION plus) • Flow requirements: – Minimum Flow: 3-kW to 6-kW = 1,000 litres per hour 9-kW to 24-kW = 4,000 litres per hour – Maximum Flow: 17,000 litres per hour
    • Designed for ultimate safety and market leading reliability. • Two contactors per element bank and cascade wired for ultimate safety. • All element banks have timers for staged energising: only a maximum of 24 kW will be energised at any one time. • Perfect for use on larger pools. Available in outputs from 24-72 kW. • Multiple heaters can be installed in parallel to achieve greater outputs. • Supplied fully equipped and pre-wired to ensure easy installation. • Heating elements: Incoloy 825 or pure titanium on request. • Flow tubes: BS 316L stainless steel (B-100) or pure titanium (B-100 plus) • Flow Switch: to protect equipment when flow stops. • Multi point temperature detection: For accurate and safe control of the heating process. • Anti cycle delay protection: Prevents the heater from ‘cycle’ switching to ensure component life is maximised. • Indication lamps: Provide clear and easily understandable display of the heaters’ status. • Mounting brackets: Ensure the heater can be easily wall or base mounted • Unique case design: Gives easy technician access for connection, inspection and component replacement.
    • The G2 Heat Exchanger is manufactured fromG2-HE-30T top quality components and materials. • Robust, durable construction. • Titanium tube bundle – salt and sea water safe • BS 316L Stainless Steel shell with special polyamide fittings • Wall mountable (bracket supplied) • Available with fully equipped Analogue or Digital control (optional). • The heat exchanger construction gives a vast heat transfer surface area, consisting of a densely populated multi-tubular bundle, secured by the uniquely designed polyamiderubber tube sheet. • The heat exchanger shell is constructed from BS 316L Stainless Steel enclosed by a rigid thermal shell for enhanced insulation of the primary (HOT) water, enabling even greater heat transfer; this is capped at each end with primary and secondary moulded fittings manufactured from specially formulated polymer alloy material. • The standard G2 heat exchanger is supplied complete with: – 2 x 1” male/male Brass Primary connections. – 1 x 1” Non-Return Valve. – Titanium thermostat pocket. – 1 x Blanking Cap and Gasket (for non-thermostat side). • The G2 Heat Exchanger has been designed to allow the installation engineer to select which way to plumb the primary and secondary water to achieve maximum thermal gain; this is achieved by routing the primary flow in an opposing direction to the secondary (POOL) water. • The G2 heat exchanger is installed in the pool filtration circuit from which water passes through the tube side of the exchanger. Water from the primary heating circuit flows counter-current through the shell side of the exchanger, heating the swimming pool water. Ideal for use with gas or oil fired boiler circuits, solar panels, heat pumps or chillers. • Tube bundle: Pure titanium. • Water connections: – Primary 1″ BSP male (brass fittings supplied). – Secondary (POOL): 1.5″ or 50 mm NB adapters for connection to PVC or ABS pipe. • Working pressure: 4 bar maximum.
    • Clear Windows, Dry Walls: No more foggy windows or condensation on walls in the pool room with AQUA dehumidifiers preserve the construction integrity and gives a pleasant feeling to the room occupants. • Simple Installation: Can be free standing or remote. It is also duct ready, the control can be easily made in a 220 volts wiring. • Quality Construction & Reliability: AQUA dehumidifier comes in white coated antihumidity paint or in stainless steel body, Digital LCD controller & gas pressure gauge. The unit is covered under a 5 year warrantee. • Low Electrical Cost: AQUA dehumidifier utilizes a refrigeration system that requires a smaller electrical load. • Humidity Control: Stabilize room conditions through dehumidification, this reduces the maintenance cost of the room and gives a very pleasant environment to the pool room. • Indoor Pool Room Heating: Recovering energy from the dehumidification process will often heat an entire pool room for the cost of operating the dehumidifier alone. • Indoor Pool Room Cooling: An optional remote condenser will allow the DCA system to cool the pool room during the warm months. • Easy to Maintain: The AQUA dehumidifier system is a closed loop system with nothing to oil or lubricate. Simple return air filter maintenance is all that is needed.
    AQUA Indoor Environmental Control Systems provide effective control of damaging moisture common with indoor pool facilities. They maintain a delicate balance of humidity control and manage air and water temperatures fo maximum comfort at the lowest cost. This series uses heat pump technology to dehumidfy the space and recycle the waste energy to heat both the air and pool water. They are available in many sizes and a variety of configurations for large indoor pools found in hotels, schools, natatoriums, aquatic centers and water parks. Built for the Corrosive Pool Environment AQUA dehumidifiers have many special design features to minimize maintenance and extend the life of the unit. All critical components are located out of the corrosive air stream, and coils are constructed from all copper and coated aluminum fins for long life. AQUA uses full-size air/water condensers for maximum pool and air heating or cooling. It utilizes a sophisticated controller that offers high efficient control strategies for more efficient intelligent pool operation. All units are constructed of heavy-gauge steel with side and roof panels galvanized and epoxy powder coated to resist corrosion. Panel insulation provides additional energy efficiency along with sound control for indoor and outdoor installations. Recycled Energy Lessens the Need for Fossil Fuel Heating Indoor pools demand large quantities of heat to maintain space and water comfort conditions. Rather than relying on fossil fuel as the primary heat source, AQUA units utilize waste heat generated during dehumidification to heat the space and pool water. AQUA units return much more energy than they use with average recorded savings ranging from 40% to 60% over conventional outside air dilution systems. For every kilowatt of electrical power used to operate AQUA system, five kilowatts of heat are delivered to the natatorium and water.riendly interface – Self diagnosis
    • The Optima Compact is designed and manufactured to the highest specifications. Compact in design, robust, durable and ultra-reliable, this heater is made to last, providing you the perfect pool temperature with easy to use controls. • Exceeds all known Global standards for safety and reliability • Easy operation using the analogue control thermostat with 1°C differential • Silent Operation • Stay-clean vortex inducing Titanium heating elements • Optima Compact Plus model available with pure titanium flow tube and heating elements for salt water content higher than 8000PPM • Dual cascade wired Schneider contactors • Time clock operation • No servicing required • 100% operational efficiency throughout product life • The heater’s outlet manifold accommodates a flow switch, with gold tipped reed, that provides a signal to the control board for ultimate reliability and safety; whilst the inlet manifold has been designed to eliminate the risk of air locking. Over-heating is prevented by a manual-reset thermal safety cut-out. • Floor or wall mountable: the heater can be vertically wall-mounted using the supplied bracket, or free-standing on the floor using the footed base. • 3-year warranty
    • Ideal for heating, cooling, heat-recovery, condensing and evaporation processes. • High overall heat transfer coefficient for efficient heat transfer. • Compact design gives maximum surface area to material volume without compromising mechanical robustness. • Low installation cost. • Easy dismantling for rapid cleaning. • High performance with low hold-up volume. • Versatile, modular design. • Plate and gasket materials available to suit most fluid types • Standard units available from stock: 100-kW to 819-kW for heating applications; 53-kW to 397 kW for cooling applications. • Short lead-time custom build service. • The Plate heat exchangers comprise an epoxy coated steel frame consisting of one removable and one fixed cover fitted with top and bottom plate hangers. • The fluid connections are heavy gauge, stainless steel, male threaded nozzles welded into the front cover. • Flanged connections are available on request. • The heat transfer plates are corrugated in a herringbone pattern with port holes for the passage of the two fluids and have clip on re-usable seals. • Plate materials available: Titanium (standard), BS 316L Stainless Steel, Hastelloy Alloy, Nickel. • Seal materials available: EPDM (standard), HNBR, NBR, NEOPRENE. • Maximum working pressure: 0.6-MPa. • Maximum operating temperature: 150°C.
    • The AQUA Titan Optima can be easily operated using the control panel touch screen. • The inlet manifold has been designed to minimise flow imbalance between the flow tubes, greatly reducing the risks of air locking. Safety and equipment protection is provided by a flow switch, with over-heating prevented by one auto-reset against enclosure over-temperature and one manual -reset thermal safety cut out. • The digital control board allows accurate control of pool water temperature thanks to its high precision. The blue digital characters on the touch screen are clearly legible, even in bright sunlight. • To reduce voltage drop on start-up, the heater element banks are energised in a staged cascaded sequence, with a time delay between energising each bank. • Heating Elements: Titanium, high MgO compaction • Flow tubes: BS 316L stainless steel (Titan Optima) or pure titanium (Titan Optima plus) • Cladding panels: Moulded aluminium, epoxy powder coated • Contactors: Cascade wired dual Schneider contactors for each element bank • Thermostats: – 1 x 65° C safety thermal cut out (auto reset) against enclosure over-temperature -1 x 55° C safety thermal cut out (manual reset) • Flow switch: Gold tipped reed switch with titanium fulcrum pin • Wiring: High temperature, silicone sheathed, multi-strand copper conductors • Seals: High temperature special formula EPDM • Water connections: 63 mm spigot with adaptor for 2″ or 63 mm • Working pressure: 4 bar maximum • Mounting: Floor or wall mounting (wall bracket supplied)
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    PROHEAT II heat pump air/water is suitable for outdoor pools. It will allow you to extend the use of the pool in the summer season. • Robust, lightweight casing made from corrosion-resistant magnesium coated aluminium. • High performance evaporator battery in an inner corrugated copper tube with lacquered aluminium fins, especially for corrosive environments. • Axial ventilator. • Scroll compressor. • Water condensers in G2 titanium. Guaranteed against corrosion. • R-410A refrigerant gas. • Expansion by thermostatic valve with external balancing unit. • High and low pressure switches. • Flowmeter for controlling condensation. • Reverse cycle defrosting with 4-way valve. • Control of purifying system. • Electrical protection for handling and strength. • Easy-to-use control panel with current temperature display and set point, and alarm notifications. Communication protocols are available.
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    The PROHEAT II CHILLER is used for heating swimming pools even with 0ºC in air, extending the swimming season. •    Robust, lightweight casing in Alu-minium and Magnesium sheet anti-corrosion, Aluminium structure. Not degradable color. •    High performance evaporator coil made of copper tube and lacquered aluminium fins, especially for corro-sive environments. •    Axial fans. •    Compressor Scroll. •    Titanium condensers made of Tita-nium G2 and PVC against corrosion. •    Refrigerant Gas R-410-A. •    High and Low pressure switches (HP/LP). •    Expansion by thermostatic valve with external balancer. •    Reversible cycle for defrosting by 4-way valve. •    Dry filter bidirectional. •    Water circuit made of PVC with wa-ter flow switch. •    Filter pump control. •    Automatic electrical protections. •    Easy-to-use control panel, with display of current temperature, set-point and alarm messages.

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