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Thermalec Heater 120THR 84kW – 120kW

//Thermalec Heater 120THR 84kW – 120kW

Product Description

Additional to the specifications below. Circuit breakers are fitted instead of the On/Off switch and protect the heavy power circuits against short circuit. These not only act as the main switch, but in the event of a water temperature rise within the heater being sufficient to operate the safety thermostat, a trip is triggered within the breaker such that the heater is totally isolated at its point of supply. The unit will not operate again until both the safety thermostat and the breakers are manually reset. Operation of the of the safety thermostat switches off the working contactors before energising the in-built shunt trip of the breaker, giving the unique Thermalec double protection against overheating and damage to the elements.

The construction of the heater is solid and robust, to ensure years of safe and reliable service.
The contact materials are highly resistant to corrosion from pool chemicals. Thermalec® pool and spa heaters can safely be used with sea water pools as well as in demanding applications such as Hydro- and Thalasso- therapy.
The heating elements have a very low watts density (10.54 w/cm²), ensuring minimal scale build-up and long element life.
The heating elements are always submerged in water. Any air bubbles entering the heater pass through it above the water and across the unheated parts of the elements, preventing any damage to the latter.
The patented weir and baffle system inside the heater causes the water to flow through it in a spiral. This increases uniformity of the water temperature inside the heater and prevents direct impingement of cold water onto the elements.
The spiral flow regime of the water inside the heater discourages scale formation, extending element life.
The heaters have no flow switch. These are notoriously unreliable. Any air bubbles passing through the heater will cause any flow switch to make and break repeatedly in rapid
succession, causing the contactors to do the same, thus
shortening their life.
Thermalec® heaters are flexible: The water flow direction is normally left to right. If required, this can be easily changed on installation by means of a simple modification.
The thermostats used in Thermalec® pool and spa heaters have a low operating differential. This is essential to maintain the swimming pool at a virtually constant temperature.
Heaters with higher operating differentials are likely to allow the pool to cool to an uncomfortably low temperature before switching the heating on.
The 120PHR heaters are equipped with mains circuit breakers, a detail often overlooked in pool heaters.
Top quality contactors have been used and their ratings generously selected to give a long service life and minimum risk of operational problems, particularly in pool plant room conditions.
The heating elements on 120PHR models are organised in three banks. Two time delay relays engage the contactors in three separate stages to reduce electrical surge and avoid a voltage drop when the heater switches on. The heaters are also equipped with a two stage temperature controller that overrides the time delay in the event of a rapid temperature rise.
As a safety precaution, the heaters are provided with an interlock relay, which has to be connected to the filter pump control circuit. The heater will not operate unless the interlock is wired and the filter pump is energised.
Status indicator lamps on front of panel to facilitatetroubleshooting and diagnostics.
Thermalec® pool and spa heaters comply with all current and relevant EU regulations and directives.
Thermalec® pool and spa heaters have a two-year guarantee.
Before switching any power on, it is ensured that the heater is full of water and that water is flowing through it. The mains power is then switched on, followed by the circuit breakers on the heater. A red indicator shows that the heater is powered. An amber light on the heater indicates that the filter pump is in operation. If the pump does not operate or if the pump interlock has not been fitted, the heater will not heat.
The desired pool temperature is now set using the thermostat dial. Three green lights on the heater light in sequence, with a short time delay in between, indicating that the three heating element banks are powered and water is being heated. When the set temperature is reached, the green lights are extinguished. A white light on the heater indicates that the water temperature is below the factory set safety thermostat trip level. If this temperature is reached, the heater has overheated. In this case, the safety thermostat trips and the unit is shut down. This trip must be reset manually.
In normal operation, the green lights will only be lit (and heating will occur) if all the other lamps are lit and the pool water temperature is below the set temperature.
Protection level: IP 21
Fuses: 2 x 2 Amp
Pump interlock voltage: 230 V AC
Element heat flux: 11.5 W/cm² max.
Packed dimensions: 820 x 580 x 750 mm
Packed weight: 145 kg


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